Denying Sin Doesn’t Change Its Existence

In the wake of society’s overly politically correct requirement and acceptance of perversion; life is changing. What we all must realize is that denying sin doesn’t change its existence. Period. Sin is sin and it is God who deems it so.

The problem with current society is that it is one big coward.  The church is a coward, its people are cowards all the while the army of the enemy bullies everyone everywhere. Where are the warriors willing to stand up for something; anything of righteousness in Christ? Why is it instead that every wake and turn of the devil and his minions are people speaking up and taking over?

Here is the thing that we must realize. If you are ok with sin and are too afraid to call it what it is for fear of being mean or called hateful then what are you doing? How can you call yourself a Christian all the while placate sin and not speak up about it; and then relish and live in it celebrating it with others? How is that advancing God’s Kingdom? We can clearly see how that’s um ‘not’ working can’t we?

When you get that God is the one who deems sin what it is your life will change. Until then nothing will except for the fact that you are sold a bill of lies; you will have fallen prey to the enemy who is just laughing at your ignorance of thinking you are standing for something and you are- it’s just that you are now a representative of the devil. Is that what you want to represent? Keep on standing up for sin and not the righteousness of Christ and guess what- that is exactly what you are doing.

It’s when you remove the fear and stand up and say sin is sin regardless of what others think that your life will change. You may lose some friends who think you are intolerant because you say being gay is sin but so what- you at least were bold enough to stand on the Word of God and speak it. At least you spoke Truth that would plant a seed instead of being a coward not doing anything but approving the death of someone else. At least you were on the side of holiness. And doesn’t that count for more than something?

In case you haven’t noticed society in America is changing. Sin is pervasive and has perverted our entire nation. There is no escaping it and even church pastors are on board with it and some even going so far to tell Christians to ‘evolve’ to just accept sin. What is that brothers and sisters? Seriously- what is that and why on earth would you accept it?

Unless you are willing to stand up in your church and outside of that building living in sin is not of God then don’t expect much of an escape route given to you by God. Why would you?  Let it be made clear in Matthew 12:30 ‘”Whoever is not with me is against me, and whoever does not gather with me scatters.”  So you need to choose what side you are on. And do it now while you still can.

Choose carefully. Do you just want to live in lala land where love in every sinful way is just accepted just because it’s the times and God’s Word is just outdated; or do you want to live in obedience to Christ and in His abundance that will come? Remember they hated Jesus so if you are so bold to stand up for Him then when they hate you- so what? Why should you even care if people who don’t even know who they are hate you? What it is to you? Your focus should be on His Word and your allegiance to Him and not to the ways of the sinful world that brings you nothing but death. Remember these words of Jesus in Matthew 10:34 “Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.”

Don’t be afraid to stand up and say sin is sin. Period. If someone doesn’t like hearing that it’s not your problem. That is between that person and the Lord. It’s the Truth and if you are going to survive it will require you to get bold and speak up. Stop placating and pretending because that isn’t going to bring people to Christ. If you go down and live in the sins of others where is the testimony? Where is the power? There won’t be and you will have lost it all simply because you chose to disregard God’s Word that sin is sin regardless of what you or I think of it. It’s time to get that message so we can start advancing His Kingdom and stop dying in the devils.


Today’s Scripture

Psalm 97:10 You who love the LORD, hate evil! He protects the lives of his godly people and rescues them from the power of the wicked.


Forgiveness Tip #15

Forgiveness isn’t a game of lip service but heart change through repentance.


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