Defeating the Enemy Through Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a weapon of spiritual warfare; no doubt about this. The question is: how does on live victoriously in forgiveness? Simple. By defeating the enemy through and even with forgiveness.

We all know the enemy comes to kill, steal and destroy but what most don’t recognize is ‘how’. The enemy is so sly and most are dying yet seeing it not. The enemy wants your life. What is included in your life? Your health, your soul, your finances, your transportation; your mind- and everything else that comes with you as a being.

In order to defeat the enemy you must change your thinking. Period. There is no way to beat any enemy without a change in the mind. Ask anyone in special ops and they will attest to that. Everything begins in the mind. Heck; even Hitler knew that! Change the mind- change the people. Then change every single thing else that one could dream right? Steve Jobs grasped that concept too. And now most of the population have an ‘I-life’ with the exception of those who live the ‘A-life’ but you get the point.

When you see a mind changed you can see what you can do to overcome the enemy. You can forgive. How do I know for certain? God’s Word says so! In Philippians 4:13 it reads, ‘¬†I can do all this through him who gives me strength.’ (NIV) ¬†This means you ‘can’ forgive. You can do anything with His strength! When you live in forgiveness you are defeating your enemy! You are stopping him dead right in tracks.

You see; unforgiveness kills. It is from the enemy. It steals your life and everything else. It steals your joy, your family and other relationships, your time, your level of productivity, your health, finances and more. Unforgiveness is not of God! It can’t be! It was His Son who died on the cross and while doing so asked ‘Forgive them Father for they know not what they do’ so it’s pretty clear that Jesus didn’t die for you to live in unforgiveness and defeatedness of the enemy. And if you are know there is a better way and that you don’t have to be defeated nor live like it.

Forgiveness is a strategic way to defeat the enemy because it keeps you on the offense. It keeps you aware that while the enemy may try to infiltrate your family through pettiness; your level of forgiveness sees through the charade. When unforgiveness tries to destroy work relationships and you forgive; you win. When unforgiveness tries to keep you hating yourself and you forgive; not only are you free but you are whooping the enemy at the same time!

If you truly want to defeat the enemy it’s time to stand up and take what is rightfully yours. It’s sad to see in a society where more people are willing to stand and die for their religion while others sit silent in sickness and lack for theirs; especially when they don’t have to. The war is raging and when you recognize that forgiveness is one of the best weapons of spiritual warfare the enemy will not be able to stand. How do I know? Because the enemy wanted me dead. It’s ok he wants you dead too; and it doesn’t even mean not alive as it can be walking dead. The deader you are alive the more of an impact you have for him. Everything dead about you spreads like a disease and that is what he wants. He is not for life!

For me; I hated my biological mother which meant I was living in unforgiveness and not honoring my mother or father. Two wammies against me. That alone caused much havoc on my life to the destruction of many other relationships and self-hatred. It’s a twisted cycle of terribleness which is not of God. Once I grasped that and started making changes by forgiving; my life changed. Yours will too. You will be able in the strength of the Almighty to defeat any enemy. You have it within you! You are an overcomer- you just to see it. When you forgive not only will your life change; but those around you will change. And what better way to defeat an enemy than through life? What better way to defeat the enemy than staying married? What better to defeat the enemy than to forgive yourself? What better way to defeat the enemy than to simply live in forgiveness?