The Real Root of Unforgiveness

Unforgiveness kills. It is a silent killer with more unknown symptoms than people know or recognize. Hidden beneath unforgiveness; however, is where the root lies. It is there growing and expanding and deepening its roots like nothing anyone ever sees. It binds and kills like a serpent seeking its prey. The real root of unforgiveness not dealt with and removed destroys. Knowing what it is will help you overcome and be victorious.

What is the real root of unforgiveness you ask? What is it that destroys more than heart disease; that spreads quicker than heart disease. What is it that devastates lives in unimaginable ways? It is merely focus of self. There is nothing more destructive than self-focused. It keeps one breeding all the symptoms of all things negative. Love does not exist. How can it?

The trap of being self-focused is that there is no life beyond self. All existence and acceptance of others does not exist. Love and forgiveness toward others are not comprehended. They cannot be for self is what reigns.

Should it be any wonder why Jesus dying on the cross cried out, ‘Forgive them Father for they know not what they do?’  He saw what most could not see. So I ask you: what do you see about yourself? Are you holding on to your unforgiveness because someone hurt you?  Are you being so self-centered that you can’t actually understand that people are not perfect? That people make mistakes? And that you dear friend; are no different?

It took me a long time to grasp that. I held on to unforgiveness for far too long. What I learned was that my self-centeredness not only kept me focused on self; but it kept me living in the victim mentality all the while being unforgiving. Once I got over myself I was able to breathe. I was able to live in freedom in Christ. I was able to see, accept and love people right where they are. Does it mean I or they are perfect? Of course not! But what it does mean is that getting over oneself will change the course of your life and those whom you come into contact with.

If you truly want to go forward to the real life that was created for you; make today the day that you do it. Forgiveness will help you heal and get overself; but too know that you have to get over yourself in order to truly forgive. Are you ready to lay down what other people have done so that you can be free? I was on that day ending 2006 and starting 2007. I know the challenge and difficulty of it; and I know the rewards of crossing over.

It is there for you. It really is. If you want freedom but are stuck and need help call me. I get it. I know what it’s like and I am here to help you. You, your life and your future are far too precious to be left behind. Sometimes we just need someone to give us a hand up so that we can grow and go. I know I did and still do! If you do know that I am here and that you are not alone. You never have been.