Christ in the Center of Forgiveness

Each religion has an idea of forgiveness and an interpretation; although the relationship with their Creator is what appears to be missing some in them. Forgiveness may be a part of their ideas although striving to be a better person does not mean that you are. It would be like believing that if you drive your vehicle faster you will become it. In the end being better person may be good if this is the only goal; although being better does not mean anything other than trying harder to not repeat mistakes. And if you subscribe to a religion that has no standards you are only fooling yourself. Sin is sin whether we like it or not and living in it doesn’t change because we just don’t see it. I lived in the sin of unforgiveness for decades and argued that I did not; until I saw the truth. John 8:32 tells us plainly, “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (NIV) In knowing the truth it will be up to you to take the steps necessary to doing something with it. Unless something is done and there is restoration of self to your Creator or Abba Father then what really is the point? What would be the point of spending a lifetime trying to be a better person on this earth and still end up going to hades when you die? Once I understood the larger picture of forgiveness as a Christian I grew to the level of maturity of forgiveness and the magnificent role that it should play in the hearts and lives of every Believer.

In Christianity, forgiveness is beyond the act of sin.  When there is forgiveness of sins there is a transformation within the person to the original intent that God had in mind. There is a restoration of the person to the Father that takes place that cannot take place in other religions. A man made religion does not restore anyone to who they were created to be because no one knows! These other religions are simply based upon individuals seeking themselves for self-change and then trying to manifest their own change for self-glory and that is even if there is a reason to need forgiveness in the first place.

The life change that occurs through the process of forgiveness is just one reason why it is so important in the life of a Christian.  I didn’t know that until I went through it. I did not know how forgiveness would impact my life. Not only this; I had no clue the impact that unforgiveness had on my life and would have continued to have on my life and those around me. The best example I can share takes us back to New Years Eve 2006 and the beginning of 2007.

I spent two full days in my room forgiving. I was given a deadline of what must occur and my elders would pray in agreement with me to ensure that every open doorway of unforgiveness was closed. And so happy New Year! I endured through that time persisting to know what forgiveness was and how or where to begin. I went before the Father and stood there in silence. Then as I fell to my knees I cried; and the continued for what was probably minutes but felt like hours. I was unsure of what I was doing although I knew I had a task to complete and that if I failed my life would be as miserable as it had been to that point. As the hours went by and God spoke clearly to me what the process was, to whom I needed to forgive and all the details that were required my healing and deliverance through forgiveness was in full force.

By the end of the two full days in my room I was never the same. I sent two letters to two people sharing my forgiveness toward them for the pain and agony they caused to my life. One was to my adoptive mother for the abuse I endured at her hands the other was to my biological mother who abandoned me at age three. Both responded. Both lives have been changed.

My adoptive mother apologized for the pain she caused me and asked for forgiveness. She did not know the depth of her actions. My biological mother actually called me and we spoke. Since that time she has given her life to Jesus, became baptized in water and in the Holy Spirit. She has received many spiritual gifts and is a guest host on my television program ‘Living in Forgiveness.’ To underestimate forgiveness is to underestimate the commands and outcomes of God’s Word.

The importance of forgiveness is that it is what will change your life and who you are in Christ. It will change your relationships with other people and with the Father. You cannot not be changed when obedient to the Word of God. So why not make 2016 the year and today the day that your relationship with Christ, your obedience to Him; and your life changing in abundance in Him be the resolutions that you live by? Mark my words- you won’t regret it.

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