Cell Phone Relationship Forgiveness

Cell phones have taken over the world; moreso than pokeman or cabbage patch dolls from the 80’s. People love their smart phones while some still prefer their dumb phones. While they may make life easier; they tend to also reveal much about who we are as people and in relationships. The relationship people have with their cell phones requires a level of forgiveness; for the blindness that comes with them may prove shocking.

There is no better place to get caught revealing how you behave than on the kissing cam at any arena or stadium. You and your behavior is there for all the 50k people to see. It may be to the delight of others; or to your regret.

Recently; at a Chicago Bull’s game the kissing cam was on great display with much fun for everyone. That is everyone except the man who thought more of his phone than than his wife. You see; we sometimes fail to see what is right in front of us. You can see how many times this particular person missed seeing what was right in front of- and too what was right in front of him.¬†http://safeshare.tv/w/sLtCVDmZnm. Can you imagine what it must have felt like to be that woman waiting for her husband to simply acknowledge her? And further to know that a cell phone was more important? And that everyone in public is watching it all? There is much forgiveness to take place here and while I could dissect this on so many levels; I shall keep it focused on what the point is for today.

The point is that we all make mistakes. We all get tied to things that tend to rule our domains without even realizing it. While we may all have a chuckle at the expense of another; it is quite a learning lesson for us all to actually open our eyes to pay attention to what is before us. The last thing you would want is to lose who you love most because you didn’t pay attention to her or him- and all because of a cell phone!

Life is previous. Relationships are precious. Forgive yourself for creating wrong priorities in your life that may cause you to lose what and who you love most. And while you are at it- do it in private so that you won’t be the mockery for everyone to see!