Breaking Out of the Prison of Busyness

In today’s society people pride themselves on being busy. Seriously; they do. Think about how often you speak of all the things that are keeping you busy. And through it all you are that much more important right? But here is the thing. Busy is a trap: Bound Under Satan’s Yoke. It’s time to break out of the prison. And now while you can.

The first step in even getting there is to recognize that being busy actually does put people in prison. Think of all the things that must get done; and how many of them are truly in need of getting done. What percentage would you say? 100% of course because you are in control and know all; you are the omnipotent one right that can handle it all. Yes you- are the hero! But get this; it’s only in your mind that you are.

If you were to remove just one item how much more time would you have? If you were to allow one person to do just one thing that needs getting done how much more peace would you have? If you were to pray two more minutes of prayer each day how much more wisdom would you grow into? If you were to make one change in your life how much better would your marriage be? Your business? Your employees? Your health? Your relationship with Jesus? How much? Count the cost of that and then calculate the cost of staying the same.

When you see it life will change. I too was locked up; in my mind. I didn’t know it. I didn’t know that all the running around was only keeping me out of breath; busy and in the end- ¬†tired and useless. You can’t be fruitful and busy at the same time because only one produces fruit. It was a process because I was able although just because you can doesn’t mean you should- do it all all the time that is.

So what do you do? How do you get out; break free? You make a choice. You go to the One who came to set the captives free for you are already free you just have to live free. And really; don’t think that you can do it on your own because if you could have- you would have known better than to get yourself there in the first place.

Your life is a reflection of the choices that you have made. Perhaps it’s time to start making new ones.It’s time to get a grip and be the one who is leading and not following the way. Don’t forget that Jesus was counter-cultural so if you claim to follow Him; don’t worry about being just that. It comes with the territory! ¬†And remember that it’s just as easy to create good habits as it is bad ones. So don’t let the bad ones exist just because you choose to not make good ones; you know the ones that keep you busy forever missing the actual life you were meant to live. Forgive yourself because if you don’t- you will only change your prison cell.

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