Forgiveness and Body Image

In our ever self-focused society it should be no wonder why people are body image obsessed. It’s hard to go anywhere and not see a beautiful body on a billboard that has photoshop written all over it. What’s concerning isn’t necessarily that the advertisers need to go to such extremes; but that people react and respond to what they think they are seeing. And not in a good way.

Every person was created unique; and through that it is the responsibility of each person to maintain how exactly it is that he or she wants to look. It’s really that simple. When we take a back seat to being self aware of what we do look like; the results are evident it’s just whether or not we see them. Do you see your beautiful self? Do you really?

Getting sidetracked by what others look like or what society wants you to believe they look like is a trap. The only thing that matters is your health and keeping a sound mind. The more focused you are on such campaigns by Victoria’s Secret campaign about the ‘perfect body’ the more you are missing it. How so? You are not seeing the beauty of you! You are allowing a company to sell you an idea of something that most likely you wouldn’t even want if you had it! What companies are doing should have no relevance to how you perceive yourself. You are not owned by these companies. They exist merely because of the power of you- do you see this?. The perfect body is the one you have so work with it and make it as precious as your heart, mind, body and soul. Who says the flaws are flaws? Who told you that? And why did you believe them?

If you have fallen into the trap of not seeing yourself the way that the Lord does; forgive yourself. Your body is the outer layer of you. That’s it. The inner you is the most precious. Don’t let it be disturbed by what others are telling you. You are worth far more than that. Forgive yourself for not being where you want to be and don’t look back. Don’t look at the failings, fat; and fear of what you have become with no clear path out. ¬†Get up, stand up, and rise up to the occasion to say that today is your day to start anew! Today is your day to see that you are worth more than you have allowed and accepted. Today is your day to forgive yourself for focusing negatively on something that you have the choice to change. Focus on the upside of change today and start by forgiving yourself and your body. You are worth it.