Beauty in All Sizes

Beauty is a funny thing. It seems clothing designers and the media have so nicely given us their definition which so many believe. What’s sad is what it’s based. In most realms it’s broken down to size. Size of waist, size of chest; size of clothes. If don’t fit the mold of size 0 then you aren’t worthy enough of getting to buy those oh so coveted designer items. And how sickening is that?

The great news is that it’s about the change! Finally; the day has come when designers are recognizing that women are no longer going to starve themselves in order to wear their clothes and be what the general media thinks we should be. It’s ok to not be a size -1 and live. In fact; it’s probably a super thing if you ask most men! It’s just why we women don’t recognize that you can be beautiful in the size that you are!

While it’s taken the designers some time to get it; they are. Some reports are that they designers are ’embracing’ the plus size market when in reality; they are slow in realizing that there are more real women than not.  If they want to stay in business and continue to brand themselves they need to do what they should have done years ago.  They needs to recognize and get with the program. The average size in America is a 14! Yes folks; a 14.

If you live outside the US you may be smaller than that; or you may not be. What you need to know and accept is that your size of clothing does not have anything to do with your beauty. It just doesn’t. I know many tiny women who you would run from because they are flat out mean. You know the kind you want to just give a sandwich with extra mayo to as it’s probably their hunger pains ready to kill them?  One the flipside; there are those that society just disregards for their size when they are so absolutely beautiful! Why can’t we just get rid of the stigma of what beauty is and see women for who they are?

If you are the average size of woman and not sure what designers you want to make your purchases you don’t want to bother with Abercrombie & Fitch as they can’t be bothered with you so move on up to the likes of Vince Camuto, Donna Karan or Michael Kors. They are changing their ways and recognizing that beauty does come in all shapes and sizes.