Arial Castro Forgiven by His Captive

It’s an amazing story all around no doubt. Could you imagine being taken in 2002 and then finally released in May 2013 to then forgive the man who stole so much of your life?  Could you? You may be thinking ‘um. No!’ You are probably not alone. The good news is that you were not in that situation or faced with such a decision.

Michelle Knight or now known as Lilly Rose Lee made the choice to forgive Arial Castro for the torture she endured for over a decade. What a beautiful person right?  What a great lesson for us all to be witness to.

What a great lesson for us all to see that regardless of what someone does to us; forgiveness can and does exist. To see that regardless of the acts of others forgiveness can still be given. What a gift to receive it; and what a gift to give.

While Arial Castro is no longer alive as he committed suicide Lilly Rose Lee is. Not only is she alive; she is free. Free from the bondage of that man but more importantly; free from the bondage of unforgiveness.

Have you ever been hurt? Probably right? Have you ever hurt someone else? Probably right? If you are reading this it’s safe to say you have been on both sides of the fence. If you were in the place of Lilly Rose Lee you may not want to forgive the man who stole the very essence of who you are although if you don’t wouldn’t you really just end up like him? Dead?

Lilly Rose Lee saw the bigger picture. She saw that her life and forgiveness was for and about her; and not anyone else. She is now living free in more ways than we could ever imagine or relate to. She gets it. She gets what it’s really about and is now truly able to enjoy what she has. Does it mean she is healed. Of course not! The good news is that forgiveness is on the way to be healed and made whole. Wouldn’t you rather be moving in that direction than letting the unforgiveness continue to rob you? Wouldn’t you rather not allow anyone or anything to master you? Why not start now and go get the gift of forgiveness that is there for you!