Accident Forgiveness in Real Life

I love the phrase ‘accident forgiveness.’ It’s all over the television and of course applies to those unwanted car accidents people find themselves in. But does accident forgiveness apply to other areas of life? One would think that ‘yes’ it does; but does it?

The whole concept of accident forgiveness is quite fascinating really. Isn’t most of what we need forgiveness for an accident of some sort? You may want to argue that people really do know what they are doing; although I challenge that. It was Jesus dying on the cross that said ‘Forgive them father for they know not what they’ve done.’ Sometimes we just give people too much credit and then wonder why the results are the way they are.

Perhaps it really is true that accident forgiveness is needed more often than we think; especially if you have never been in a car accident. I remember years ago preparing to go through the Holland Tunnel in Jersey and dropping the change before handing it to the clerk. I was absolutely mortified and as I kept apologizing my friend simply said, ‘no need to apologize’ and I couldn’t figure out he was so calm when I was freaking out! While a simple example it’s one that truly gave me perspective about how dysfunctional my childhood really was; but more importantly how many examples we can all come up with to demonstrate just how much we need forgiveness for our accidents on a daily basis.

What accidents have you witnessed daily? What acts of ignorance do you need forgiveness for? I have to admit that in my life I witness many accidents of those around me that I need to always be forgiving of. It’s of course a challenge as I am no different than you dear reader. I go through the same challenges of forgiveness as you. I have to constantly remind myself that forgiveness is a process and that as much as I need it for my accidents I need to also give. Who knew that accidents and forgiveness what such a give and take!?

As you go about today; celebrate the accidents for they are opportunities. They are opportunities to extend grace. They are opportunities to extend mercy. They are opportunities to demonstrate forgiveness. And isn’t that what we all truly need to give an receive?