Accident Forgiveness Heals Lives

Accidents are part of life. Mistakes happen. There are some that we wish we could take back; but can’t. Forgiveness in accidents is something that people want; but most never achieve. It’s a challenge for those who get into accidents and leave others with brain injuries. Such is the case with Emmit Holt; basketball player for Indiana University.

In a horrific vehicle accident that left his teammate Devin Davis with a brain injury; there is much to overcome. Much for both Devin and Emmit to survive. How does one live with the guilt of knowing what has been done to another person? And one who is a teammate and friend?  More people would prefer to die than the suffer life knowing that what was an accident had such an impact. How does one continue on?  Could you imagine?

For the case of Emmit Holt; what he needed proved to be something of a gift; or even a miracle in the eyes of many.  See; Emmit is still able to play for his team. He will continue on; but his friend and teammate Devin Davis will never be the same. Some will say that neither will Emmit and true that is.  When mistakes are made that change people’s lives no one is ever the same. The good news is that there is forgiveness should one be willing to let go of the pain and the bondage  that it and unforgiveness brings.

The gift Emmit received  was something that I’m sure he will treasure for the rest of his life.  What is the gift?  forgiveness. Holt said, ‘”The first thing (Davis’) parents did was forgive me,” he said Tuesday. That was the biggest thing for me. I’d hurt their child.”

What a beautiful story! In such a tragedy that has forever changed the lives of many two parents chose to forgive. Could you? Would you? For what reason? The difficulty of forgiveness and the choice to forgive is one that many never choose. Devin Davis’s parents did. They forgave. They now face a new life with their son that no one would have ever been in position to foresee.

As for Emmit Holt he continues with his life. The process of receiving forgiveness from other people is one thing; and now it goes through the process of self-forgiveness. This can be more difficult than receiving forgiveness from others although it’s doable. The good news is that it is there for Emmit and guess what?  It’s there for you too. You have the power to forgive others for their mistakes. You too have the power within you to forgive yourself for the accidents and mistakes that you have caused. You are not immune from forgiveness for what you have done in your life. You simply are not.

Take heed on this day and rejoice that forgiveness is alive! It is living well within parents and within communities. There are stories around the world of those who face adversity through tragedy and they overcome. I’m sure you have your story.  There is hope for us all and these parents and situation should prove to be an example that there is life after tragedy. There is life with each day we are blessed to arise in the morning to breathe and experience what is to come.

On this day cherish what you have right in front you. Hold tight to your heart and know that people make mistakes. Accidents happen. Forgiveness is not an accident. Forgiveness is a gift that you can be the giver of. Forgiveness is a gift that you too can be the recipient of. Forgiveness simple is right there for you. Don’t take it for granted.