A ‘Real Housewife’ is What?

The Real Housewives of Orange County just celebrated their 100th episode on Bravo. Congrats. Congrats on reeling in people to think they want to live in a world that the probably would commit suicide over. Congrats for increasing the need for more plastic surgery in order to be average on the beauty scale. Congrats on sharing with the world that your downsize is from a home that was 10k square feet to one that is 6k. Congrats. Congrats yet once again for providing me with the content for this blog. I truly appreciate it.

In viewing the episode of where the OC housewives franchise started to where the women are now; we have seen much. Much change in marriage, divorce, income, partner swapping, surgeries; and much more. The one thing that stood out more than anything was the definition of what a ‘housewife’ actually is. Not I’m sure you won’t be shocked by what Andy Cohen shares with us. Check it out:

‘A good real housewife is pretty, she’s outspoken, she’s opinionated, and she has strong feeling about the way she lives her life and the way others should live their lives.’

There are a few things that I am curious about:

1- Is a woman who exhibits the traits of being outspoken and opinionated ‘pretty’?

2- A good ‘real’ housewife would imply that she is actually married right?  There are some in the franchise that aren’t so what are you if you are not married? A good single person?

3- Isn’t someone who believes that it is her business to be in the business of everyone else a gossiper or busybody? Where is the level of attraction for that being defined as ‘pretty’? What man wants that for a wife?

It’s sad that the definition of ‘housewife’ has changed but what’s more disturbing is that one believes that being outspoken and flipping tables is pretty. How do they fit in the same sentence?

In review of his comments it appears that what Andy says is correct. Look around at society.  We see the changes in women from generation to generation and through it; the increase of divorce. Could it be perhaps that the idea of a ‘housewife’ just doesn’t fit any more? No wonder why single men are so confused.

When we look at examples of women who portrayed a housewife we can see the Proverbs 31 exhibits more in line of what true men probably want. She was resourceful, a business owner, respected, she managed her home; and she was worth more than rubies with a husband who had confidence in her. She didn’t just run off to ‘eat prey love’ and outsource her kids so she could go get it all. She had her priorities straight. She knew who she was and she didn’t put herself above it all to be a meddler or quarreler in the business of others. She was more graceful than that.

While many argue that the Proverbs 31 woman just doesn’t exist today; I beg to differ. She is out there and I am quite confident that you may be one reading this now. You may be one that is more of a Proverbs 32 kinda gal and I get that too. If you don’t like the Proverbs 31 Woman then let me suggest Princess Kate.  Regardless; it’s about what is on the inside that reveals the true character of beauty.  The behavior is simply a reflection of what is underneath. It isn’t about the outward appearance that makes a woman be pretty. Until we as a society get that; the plastic surgery doctors will forever be making millions off of our ignorance.