7 Things Forgiving People Refuse to Do

Once you live in forgiveness there is no going back; only forward. Forgiving people know what it takes to get there and as such; refuse to accept anything that would be a hindrance to progress.

1.Forgiving people refuse to be distracted. The ability to progress forward in life is easier when there are less distractions. Unforgiveness is a distraction to everything; it is one of life’s biggest impediments and it brings its cousins of bitterness and resentment and all the second cousins of ungrateful, negative attitude and all the others. Forgiving people are more focused on the Lord’s plan for their lives than the distractions that disobedience brings.

2. Forgiving people refuse to take on others issues. When you live in unforgiveness it’s easy to get caught up drama and trauma; because that is really what unforgiveness is. It creates a level of emotional mess and unstableness and when other’s are allowed to share their stories and drama; it’s hard to say no. It’s also hard to bring a solution to a situation of forgiveness for someone else if you haven’t had the experience. Forgiving people are solution in Christ minded and don’t have time or tolerance for what others will bring and leave on them.

3- Forgiving people refuse to allow their joy and peace to be stolen. When you have peace and joy you will know it; and there won’t be anything that you will allow to enter in to steal it. You protect it like a bear cub as it’s that vital to your overall health and well-being. Unforgiveness is not only a distraction but a joy and life stealer and forgiving people have lived on both sides of the fence and can testify that forgiveness brings joy and it’s worth keeping.

4- Forgiving people refuse to be limited by others and circumstances.Unforgiveness is limiting. Period. It stunts everything in your life from your relationship with your Lord, your blessings; and your purpose. Forgiving people are not bound by circumstances because they know and trust; and have experienced that God is their side and that with Him all things are possible. What happened is what happened and while forgiveness is a process; it is one that a forgiving person is not defined by. There is no limit to the good that will come into your life when you forgive.

5- Forgiving refuse to be disobedient again by being unforgiving. The Bible is clear that forgiveness is a command. Unforgiveness is rebellion and when this revelation is received and forgiveness is understood there is life change. Going back to the ways of old is like trying to put new wine in old wine skin. It won’t and can’t work. Forgivers know what the new relationship with Christ is like; and the depth and growth and expansion of it in ways that unforgivers cannot begin to imagine. Forgivers will not go back to an old way of life simply because it doesn’t produce life; it steals it.

6. Forgiving people refuse to be controlled by others.  Forgiveness is freedom and unforgiveness is bondage. Those that choose forgiveness are free from the binds that tie and the control that unforgiveness breeds. When people live in unforgiveness they are allowing situations and people to have more control over their lives than they should. When forgiveness is the lifestlyle there is no need for others to have any control and quite frankly they can’t. You are free and they are free to be in bondage or forgive; although your main concern simply is forgiving and moving on with life.

7- Forgiving people refuse to be a victim. Life happens and terrible things occur. I can testify to that without a doubt but here’s the thing. Forgiving people overcome and actually have a testimony. Unforgivers on the other hand; have no story other than what happened to them. And how many people care to hear what someone did to someone when they could hear how they overcame? You see; you have a choice: you can be a victim or victor but not both at the same time. Forgivers know this and live by it. They are overcomers.

Being a forgiver and living a life of forgiveness requires walking in love. Period. There is no way around this and when you get to this place it brings peace; joy and the rest of the fruit of the Spirit found in Galatians 5:22. Without forgiveness no one can walk in any of the fruit because they are opposite. If you want to go forward toward the real life that God intended all along for you then forgive. You won’t regret it!

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