6 Healthy Months Left to Live

Perhaps you have noticed; time appears to be moving at a quicker pace. It starts with one day, then the week is gone; the weekend was much to short and next thing you know it’s July. Christmas is only 146  days away by the way. In 6th months snow in most places will be on the ground; signifying a new year and the preparations for yet another Superbowl. In just 6 short months. If I had only 6 healthy months to live I would….

Spend all my time tell you just how much Jesus loves you. I would share with you that in the end nothing else matters. Your bank account, your student loans, your in or out-laws, doesn’t matter. The small stuff people sweat isn’t worth the sweat. What you are wearing right now is perfect. Stop living according to other people’s expectations and ideas; just live. I would tell you that your hips are fine and so is your comb-over. Your life matters right where you are. Are you making the best of it or have you actually no thought of it?

It was just yesterday I had a conversation with a friend and asked her about her desire to live in California. I asked her if she had 6 months left to live if she would move to California. She had all the reasons why she couldn’t and ended with ‘well; I have more than 6 months so it doesn’t matter” which I must admit caught me off guard. None of us know how much time we have left so to assume is where we get lost in the mix.

6 months from now is January 25th. None of us know where we will be then much less tomorrow so I ask you: what would you do if you only had 6 healthy months left to live?

As I said I would share the love of Christ with every person everywhere; and I would do it from a beach without a doubt. I would sell everything I own and watch the sunset with my pug Olive and probably facebook live all day and night; telling you about how Jesus changed my life, about how when I was 5 right after I was adopted that I prayed that Jesus would be my escape. I would share with you that Jesus made the way for my rent to be paid for 10 months straight when my income didn’t cover it. I would share with you that He already has made the way for you too. He loves you.  I would not care of I wore the same thing every day or if I didn’t shave my legs in an even path. I wouldn’t care if I even went 5 days without washing my hair. I just wouldn’t. The time spent washing and drying and styling is not as important as the Truth that shall set you free. So why not focus on what is actually important? I would tell you about my darkest days of being alone, the struggles of singlehood and just how much Jesus carried me and loved me along the way. And how much He is there waiting and wanting to do the same for you.

I would eat Trader Joe’s peanut butter cups and peanut butter and jelly chocolate bars with a glass of milk. I would enjoy a glass of chambord and cranberry and prime rib. I would see the birds and all the pennies on the ground. I would notice the stars and not complain about what the past was like or that it was too hot or humid; because at least I am alive to experience it. I would roll in the sand and not worry about it itching my toosh; because that too would pass. I would simply live and pray that you too would do the same-perhaps once in your life. You- would be able to live.

I would tell you that the things you fuss over aren’t fussy worthy. In the end it’s just a phone, your bad hair day isn’t bad because at least you have hair, the traffic you are sitting in is just more time to look up at the sky and see God right in its midst. The worry about losing likes or fan isn’t going to change the value of who God created you to be or how much He already loves you.

I would see life in a way that I never have before; that in it’s shortness of breath to make each moment count because this really is all you have. The climbing of ladders and over people too won’t matter much on January 26th; so what are you doing? Are you going to climb that fourtneener you have dreamed of? Go to the racetrack and actually race a car instead of watch? Eat that and not this; and enjoy every bite? Or are you going to be a stick on a log and just die before your time?

Are you perishing for and over meaningless matters instead of seeing the seascapes of what it’s truly about? If nothing else just for a moment and stop. Stop. Stop what you are doing and reflect for a moment. Just one and look around. And breathe. And allow the Lord to speak.

In that breath what do you see? What do you hear? What do you hope for? What are you pursuing that matters? I recall the day sitting on the beach at the Gold Coast in Australia listening to a client tell me he wanted nothing more than to be a gym teacher all his life; but he never pursued it. He climbed the corporate ladder and had all that it showed in the physical; beautiful home on the beach, 3 months paid  vacation- and the emptiness inside of  great regret. I shared with him that He didn’t have to live in regret because Jesus paid the price. He could be free and you too can be free. Freedom isn’t so free when you have to finance it.

If you had only 6 months left to live what would you do? Where would you be? What would be most important? Why not make those things the most important now while you still have the chance; and if for any reason God grants you life longer than 6 months you will have more than you could have ever dreamed of to share with those whom will come after you.

You would hate to think that you have anything longer than this moment when we can all look around and see where we are. It’s time to do something about living otherwise there won’t be any living at all.

So with 6 months left (although there may be more) I leave you wanting you to know that Jesus loves you, that you are worth more than you will ever know, that your dreams and all the good inside of you needs to be shared with the world; that now is the time to share.  There is a purpose and one created special just for you. I leave you knowing that fat or skinny embrace yourself; hairy or bald embrace yourself, short or tall- embrace yourself; blue collar or white collar embrace yourself. Man or woman embrace yourself. Just embrace yourself. And above all let Jesus embrace you and you. And then share what it feels like.

And then share with me too as I want to hear!

Julie Blair is President of Julie Blair Ministries that helps people worldwide grow in Christ. To learn more about going deeper in Christ or to have Julie speak to your church or business visit www.julieblair.com

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