3 Ways Unforgiveness Separates You

Life is hard. People cheat, lie and steal; all when you least expect it. Unforgiveness creeps in without even a scent. Next thing you know; your unforgiving life has caught up with you.

Three ways that unforgiveness separates you are quite simple really.

1) Unforgiveness keeps you living as a victim. Everyone has experienced pain, loss, frustration, theft, lies; so what makes you any different than the rest of us? The longer you keep portraying yourself as a victim the longer you are going to stay stuck in a lifestyle that breeds loneliness, bitterness; and all of the rest of the cousins.

2) Unforgiveness keeps you focused on yourself. Unforgiveness is a trap. Those who are unforgiving focus on themselves and the pain that they are still reeling from, haven’t gotten over; and are yet to want to release. Sure it’s hard in a a narcissistic society that we live in; but getting over self is the most wonderful and freeing thing you can do! There are people that need and if you are too busy focused on you that means none of those people in need are being served.

3) Unforgiveness keeps you focused on your past. We all have a past. Unforgiveness keeps you focused there, living there; and wanting to build a future there. There is no future in focusing on the past. There just isn’t. The past has served the present for your future. Until you grasp this; you are dead in the mud!

Overall; it’s a mindset and a heart condition. I understand the process of forgiveness as my life to this point has been one big hurdle. Unforgiveness stole much from me and once that revelation hit; my life changed. I now have a relationship with my biological mother after 28 years, I have a wonderful life; and am even blessed with a weekly television show- all about forgiveness! (www.julieblair.com) It is wonderful to weigh less and see the future. It’s there for you too- just make it a point to forgive and then of course-repeat.¬† Daily.