3 Not Talked About Symptoms of Unforgiveness

Did you know there are over 30 symptoms of unforgiveness found in the Bible? Yep! And I bet there is more I just stopped searching at 30. So the question is: How many symptoms of unforgiveness do you have? ‘None’ you say? How do you know if you don’t know what they are? This is the trap of unforgiveness. It keeps people deceived and in that deception they know not what they do. And that my dear friends was me. I thought I forgave. I thought I knew what it was for I heard in church but yet in all that ignorance I knew nothing and was deceived. Don’t be deceived.

Three not talked about symptoms of unforgiveness that people exhibit are:

1. Victim mentality. People who are unforgiving focus more on themselves and what happened to them. ‘This person did this to me’ and bla bla.  Everyone around the world has done something to someone so whatever someone did to you of course hurts; but if you make it your choice to live in that victim mentality it is a sure sign of unforgiveness. You cannot be a victim and victor at the same time. Choosing to be a victim is the lifestyle of the unforgiver. How do I know? Been there done that. My biological mother abandoned me and my life’s platform was living as that child victim adult.  I was no use to His Kingdom with that mindset and mentality. And neither are you.

2. Limited thinking. When someone is unforgiving the only focus really is on self. What others have done to cause pain; not much else enters the mind. There could not be any possibility that the other person made a mistake. The person could not have a reason for doing what he or she did. Not to this person.  After I forgave my biological mother for the abandonment I learned that our case worker was buying and selling babies on the Canadian Black Market and that he gave her an ultimatum: sell me to her for 10k or never see me again. Everything changed once I learned that. How could it not right? But it proves the point that when there is unforgiveness the thinking is limited which if you back to #1 the unforgiver lives in the victim mentality where there is no fruit or freedom.

3. Intolerant. An unforgiving heart is not tolerant of much.  The unforgiving person’s heart is hard and it’s hard to reason with someone with a hardened heart. One only need to look at any terrorist and see that right? The height of intolerance is incredible; along with those who have their agendas for required tolerance all based upon their intolerance-which is based upon their own level of unforgiveness. Those who are unforgiving cannot possibly be tolerant of others because that would mean accepting another position and seeing that others are not the hate mongrels that they have built them up to be. You only need to go back to # 1 and 2 to see how much unforgiveness plays with the mind and keeps people in bondage.

Of course there are numerous other symptoms like the basics that everyone knows but why? Why talk about what everyone knows yet does nothing with. If you want true freedom in your life forgive. If you are not living your life in abundance perhaps there is unforgiveness there. Most likely there is. I know in my life there was- and in abundance!   So then the next question is: what are you going to do about? What are you waiting for? Are you going to forgive; or continue to deceive yourself? Choose life. Choose death. What will it be?