3 Pitfalls of Unforgiveness in Business

In today’s economy businesses need an advantage; no doubt about that. There is much competition and too many choices for consumers to simply go elsewhere. Some companies focus on being faster while others pride themselves on customer service. All of this is great; except if the employees are living with a hidden secret it is to the downfall of the company. The pitfalls of unforgiveness in business are drastic and not to be hidden any longer.

See; unforgiveness kills. It’s a heart condition that spreads like cancer yet most people recognize it not. If you want your business to flourish deal with the root that is causing the problem. Most problems people have it not external but internal.

1. Unforgiveness decreases cohesiveness among employees. Unforgiving people are not pleasant to be around. Period. If your desire is for your employees to get along and to work as a team; each person is accountable and responsible for what he or she is bringing to the table. If any person in the team allows unforgiveness to enter; then count on the rest of the cousins to come to: bitterness, resentment and perhaps a little bit of anger. It’s hard to expand and grow together when internal strife is what is sitting at the meeting.  It’s hard to move toward a healthy positive goal for a company with internal baggage not dealt with. Sure you may think you can put it aside but if that were the case there wouldn’t be so many angry people living in nursing homes! Time doesn’t heal wounds- forgiveness does. Forgive and deal with it for the sake of everyone around you.

2. Unforgivenesses negatively impacts the level of customer service. Customer service is a vital part of any business an if your front line employees are suffering from unforgiveness; chances are the customers feel it. It comes out in the form of impatience, irritability; and again the cousin of bitterness. The other carry along symptoms are some jealousy and envy.  Those living in unforgiveness are known to typically have a difficult time serving others because of the baggage and burden of what they carry. Sure one may try to be nice; although most don’t need a degree to spot a phony! I remember working in retail paying my way through college and the holidays were especially tough. I hated seeing all the happy people in the mall shopping and being together. I didn’t have what they had and I was jealous and envious. It carried into my level of service. I couldn’t see it at the time; although of course hindsight is 20/20. I share this with you so that you and your team can deliver the best service with the best right people in the front lines. As forgiveness changes the hearts; it changes the service and the level of it.

3. Unforgiveness inhibits promotion. Because unforgiveness keeps people hindered in relationships; it’s hard to climb the ladder. Not playing well with others is a sign of unforgivness because those living in it are good at being victims of the past. What must be recognized is that everyone has a past and until it’s overcome through forgiveness; the level of promotion will probably not be likely. Promotion includes the ability to lead and if you can’t properly get along with yourself then who else would want to be along for that journey? Those following or attempt to would merely suffer the consequences at the hand of someone your unforgiveness.

As a result; unforgiveness is something to be taken serious in a personal and professional life. Most think it’s just something to be talked about perhaps once a year during the holidays at a church here and there. The thing is that it is vital to the success in life. It is vital to the success in marriage an the health of it. And if you want to be climbing the ladder, to be a leader; to be the next best CEO forgiveness and unforgiveness alike will have that impact on you and your business. Make the choice today to make forgiveness the priority for you and the health of your employees and their better health will impact yours.