3 Changes that Occur After Forgiveness

The American lifestyle is one of hurriedness, more products to sustain the ‘I-Life’; eating along the way to making more money. Should it be no wonder why unforigveness and forgiveness aren’t commonly talked about? Who has time for it? But yet; if not talked about what changes will you know of that come after forgiving?  Now it’s not to say that those in Israel, Ukraine; or anywhere else in Europe or around the world are any more or less forgiving than Americans; however, a lifestyle of not stopping keeps one from seeing the bigger picture?

So what does happen when one forgives? Does anything change? Of course! There are many things that change after a person forgives.  Three things that change when you make the choice to forgive are:

1- Your heart changes.  Unforgiveness roots itself in your heart and when that unforgiveness is gone; there is a release. A release for your heart to feel new experiences; to love.

2- Your perspective changes. Nothing is as it was once you forgive. When I forgave my biological mother I learned that she suffered many terrible things in her life. It changed my perspective toward her. I was able to accept her right where she was; regardless of the mistakes she had made.  How many people in your life would you see different do you think? You don’t know unless you make the choice to forgive!

3- Your physical body changes. When your body is filled with negative thoughts and spiritual poison; it reacts to it. Dr. Caroline Leaf, who is a cognitive neuroscientist has found that what’s in the mind impacts the body and when choice are made for better or worse; it manifests itself physically. When I made the choice to forgive all those who caused me much pain not only did my voice change but my eye color too. It is not possible to deal with internal issues and not see the outer reflection of them. The opposite is true.

Forgiveness is the one thing that will free you internally. It will change you, your life and those around you. It will soften your heart to see the beauty in others. It will change your perspective to see that perhaps in all of your correctness; you were still wrong. It will change your body so that people see the light that is within you. It will do amazing things if you only you make the choice to forgive. It’s that simple. Forgive. Do it today.