12 Prayers Every Christian Must Pray Daily

Many Christians are not aware of how strategic the side of the wicked are. They are extremely organized,detailed and offensive. They know why they use the numbers they do and they know how to use them; and push them right in your face. They have a plan and one that in many ways have proven to be effective against the Body of Christ; and with the Body of Christ having no clue. I say NO MORE! No more should the enemy and his agents have any impact, power; or influence in the lives of any Believer. We cannot give time to anything that does not unite us as One Body as we are all on the same side and that is of Christ.

The prayer below is a prayer that will rebuke the prayers of the wicked who are known to pray these 12 things daily. Pray it daily at any time and know that there is a Body of Believers that are standing in agreement with you. We pray in Jesus name that You forgive us of our sins. We thank You for Your mighty deeds of old and for Your Son; and this time to be together.

In Jesus name we come together as one Body to pray:

1- That the anti-Christ will not return before Your Church is ready and that You prepare us for Your Son’s return.

2- That ministry leaders, missionaries and ministries will not fall into any temptation and that ALL temptation will be rebuked.

3- The works of the Lord will be expanded, glorified and magnified.

4- That we as the Body of  Christ never become complacent, want peace above all, seek churches who do not preach Your full gospel and pastors who will seek peace at all cost.

5- That Christians will fast, pray and give in abundance from the abundance from You.

6- That all gifts of the Spirit will be used by all Believers with no retaliation and You glorified.

7- That families and marriages will stay together with children protected from all perversion and programming.

8- That pastors, ministers and leaders of the Body of Christ will be united and not fall into dispute and turn on each other.

9- For an increase in unity of pastors and churches within cities with no jealousy, envy or witchcraft taking over.

10- That no sickness, disease or disability,  lack will come on pastors and leaders.

11- That the next generation will live and love and enter into their generational destiny ordained by You.

12- That the Church will loose and equip people to come into their destiny with boldness, strength and love for others.

We thank You Father that in this moment we are destroying the works of the enemy attempting to come against us at this time. We rebuke the enemy assignments and we thank You that we stand in agreement today for Your Church and we thank You for an increase in capacity to love to complete Your assignment for our lives. We pray all these things in Jesus name. Amen and Amen.

God bless you Saints as you go forward. I stand in agreement with you in this prayer and fully believe that as we continue to pray together in agreement rebuking the enemy that we as One Body operating worldwide will see and testify to His answers.

God bless you
Julie Blair Ministries