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If You Had Only 6 Months to Live


Time is the one thing that keeps moving whether we like it or not. It waits for no one; it does not discriminate. Often; however, we fail to recognize its pace or keep up with it. I've heard many talk about if only they had one more hour in their day they would do this or ...

Purposing to Live in Peace


While many talk about peace; it is something they most don't ever truly attain. Why? It takes commitment. Ruthless and relentless commitment. I didn't know what peace was much less how to get it or even how to keep it. It continuously evaded me. It probably has evaded you in some ways too. Do how do ...

Identifying Doors of Opportunity


You've heard the saying; when one door closes another opens. What doors of opportunity are you needing to be opened for you to enter? What doors are waiting for you to knock down? A study of King Solomon brings forth in the areas of wisdom and wealth; although lost opportunities too were abound. Opportunities to do ...