Pray With Us

God bless you and thank you for taking the time to partner with us in prayer in agreement in accordance with Matthew 18:18-20. As we enter into prayer in agreement we recognize that all prayers are for His Name’s Sake.

Please stand in agreement with us this week as we pray and thank God that:

  1. He will continue to open doors for the message of Truth of Christ to be heard worldwide and that more territory is taken for His Kingdom through Julie Blair Ministries. (Col 4:3)
  2. There will be continued increase favor, wisdom, revelation and understanding; protection and increase in measure of faith and testimonies coming forth in Jesus name. (Psalm 27:11, James 1:5, Luke 17:5)

3. He supplies great health, strength, focus, clarity and spirit led speaking and living. (3 John 1:2)

4. More souls will be won for Christ around the world.  (Mark 16:1)

5. Brothers and sisters from around the world are protected in their going and coming, led to safety and kept from conflict.            (Psalm 91)

6. People would turn their hearts toward love and forgiveness in Christ. (Psa 119:36)

7. Our partner ministries are blessed, protected and that every need they have is met in Jesus name. (Phi 4:19)





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