Donations to Julie Blair Ministries help us to continue to deliver the Truth in love to people around the world.  In the recent fiscal year over 200 people have come to Christ in mostly Islamic nations. We are blessed to be used to expand God’s Kingdom and with your help we will be able to do more.Click here to donate

Our Bible Outreach Program helps us to put Bibles in the hands of those in remote areas where they are not available; or even legal. One Bible is only 10 and with your help that one Bible will reach villages in Muslim dominant countries like Iran, Pakistan and the continent of Africa. We are reaching many Hindu nations and Bibles are needed in such places India, parts of Pakistan and other places. Bibles are Farsi, Urdu and other languages are reaching the lives of those who wouldn’t otherwise have a chance to know Christ and with your help we can reach more. Click here to donate

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