Kingdom Advancement Thursday Call

8pm cst (214) 586-0411
Julie Blair

Julie Blair

Join Dr. Julie every Thursday night live for a Holy Spirit led message that will equip you for your personal walk with Christ. Preparing you for your real identity and purpose; there is much explored in God’s Word.

Believers who call in are challenged to grow in their faith, spiritual gifts and manifestation of them; and to have miracles, signs and wonders following them. It is a time of removing religion, lies and bondage to come to a place of engaging into mature relationship with Him.

Expect to receive and be transformed in Him. Testimonies of miraculous healings, finances delivered and new people brought to Christ are shared to give God the glory as lives are never the same in Jesus name. If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired and are ready for living in these times in a new way; know you are welcome.


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