Phone/Skype Session

There are times in life when the struggle is more difficult alone. It doesn’t matter if you are an abuse victim, having family struggles, addiction or identity issues; there is hope and victory for you! If you are need of further or deliverance don’t let it continue. Through Biblical applications Dr. Julie can help you in a variety of ways. She can help you in person, via Skype or a phone session.

We at believe that  if a ministry is helping in people’s freedom they should be donated to because they are good ground and therefore we kindly ask  that you help us with a minimum donation of 50 for phone and Skype sessions. If for some reason this is not attainable please let us know as we can still help you. For in person sessions please contact us for more information as there is a variance of factors to be considered. Individual Deliverance Sessions are not just a call but ministry and  much time in prayer which could easily be an hour or more.

  1.       For a skype or phone session – Donation 50.00 or more. Donate here. Contact us for in person sessions.
  2.       Your session will be scheduled when it’s paid in full. Please note that weekends are not scheduled.
  3.       Donations help support our ministry work.
  4.       Or you can call also schedule a phone or skype session by call in and paying for it. Call:  (214) 778-5663
  5.       Include your Skype contact in the ‘Optional Message’ box on the checkout page.


Please know Julie Blair Ministries is a Bible-based based ministry. We not prescribe medication nor do we advise you to discontinue any medication you are currently taking. That is between you and your medical doctors.  All counsel is Holy Spirit led and only based upon the Word of God. We believe the Old and New Testament are pertinent to life today and will provide information from both for best results as led by the Holy Spirit.

We reserve the right to refund fees and not counsel anyone we believe is of outside of our field of ministry.  All individuals will be asked to fill out a disclaimer of understanding to indemnify any legal actions against the ministry. All things discussed and all areas of deliverance are kept confidential and private for for all individuals.

It will be emailed after receiving Phone/Skype Session paid request.


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