Equipping the Church for living in these times.

The Church as we know it is changing; and we must stay in God’s Word and be prepared in and out of season for what is to come. Julie Blair Ministries is helping people come to not only know Christ; but their identity to the full and how to walk in the fullness of His ways. God never called us as Believers to be simply entertained or listeners of the Word; but rather doers. “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,…” (Mat 28:19)

The focus of this ministry is about equipping the Church to stand in faith for what we all will endure to get to the end. We all have and will face atrocities that are difficult to understand and through Him we can be transformed in His image.

In the advent of so many leaving the church, rebelling against God and His Word; and overall deception in the Church itself we must persist in dying to self hearing and know Him to enter His fullness.  We we draw nearer to His Holy Spirit He will draw nearer to us.

There is much focus in this ministry on a variety of topics including

  1. Forgiveness
  2. spiritual warfare
  3. Kingdom Living
  4. Prayer
  5. Faith

and more. It is through understanding and growth in these areas that we are better equipped in the faith to remain obedient and in His presence. It is through these areas that live as overcomers and victors in Jesus Christ.

We at Julie Blair Ministries personally believe that it is through knowing Jesus intimately and being transformed that your new and purposeful life will begin. This is why there are  many tools and resources for growth so that you too can experience His voice, His experience; and His Presence. In living life His way everything changed- I left the old life for the new and I pray that you do too!

Your sister in Christ,

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