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About Julie Blair





In Christ

I was 5 years old when I had my first memorable encounter with Jesus. I was recently placed in the home of my adoptive parents and on one particular night I got on my knees with my Holly Hobbie doll and prayed that Jesus would be my escape. I don’t know how I knew to do that or pray that but I did. And it’s a good thing I did because He was, still is and will forever be with me.

I was born to a single mother who wasn’t quite prepared to be a mother.  When I was 3 she told me she was going to get pizza and she just never came back. I climbed up the stairs to the apartment above us and the people there called social services who came and took me to a foster home where I lived for two years; two years longer than I was told.

Most of my childhood was filled with much verbal and various types of physical abuse and as I grew into my teenage years my only desire was to escape. I didn’t  care where I just wanted to be anywhere else. I was tired of being bulled at school and being beat up at home.  I was tired of the suspensions and the rest of the terrible things that occurred that no child should ever experience. I just wanted out. I didn’t have many friends and certainly was not the popular nor pretty girl. No. I was quite the opposite with many more issues than any teenager should have to go through.

By age 15 I had run away three times and  things were so bad at home and my adoptive parents put me in a homeless shelter. I give God the praise and glory that I even graduated high school!

I thought my escape would be joining the USMC and looked forward to getting far away as possible.  I passed the tests and was ready to move along and then they learned I was not 18 and I wasn’t accepted. Instead I went to college and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Speech and a Master of Arts degree in Linguistics to become a tenured professor.

In 2001 I was reunited with my biological family and in 2003 I met my mother for the first time in 30 years. She mother disappeared after that meeting and it wasn’t until years later when we would be reunited yet once again.

In 2005 my life was forever transformed when I was baptized with the Holy Spirit and received the gift of tongues. As the Lord drew me nearer to Him through the power of His Holy Spirit my life changed and in magnificent ways. As my desire for Him increased I wanted the discipline to stay in the Word so I went to Colorado Theological Seminary and earned my PhD in Ministry and Biblical Counseling so that I could grow in the Lord and help others too live in the hopefulness that was given to me.

In 2006 the Lord sent me to Dallas to start her new life and ministry for the Lord. Needless to say I had no idea what that would be like, what I would face; or how I would do it. It’s a good thing that the Lord did!

New Year’s Eve 2006 my Bible teacher called me informing me that my deep rooted issues of unforgiveness were preventing me from growing in Christ and were blocking the blessings that I do desired. Feeling sick to my stomach and not knowing what it mean; I spent the following 2 days in my room with the Lord. At the end of the two days my voice and eye color changed and the scripture Acts 3:19 was revealed which reads, “Repent and seek forgiveness so that times of refreshing may come.” From that moment everything once again in my life changed.

I was reunited again with my biological mother.  In March 2007 gave her life to Jesus and she too received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and gift of tongues. I was also reunited with my adoptive mother whom I forgave.

I moved my biological mother from Houston to Dallas and in 2010 we were invited guests on The Today Show to share our testimony of forgiveness in Christ.

God blessed me in 2014 with a television program is host of ‘Living in Forgiveness‘ television and radio programs that airs to over 3 billion people daily worldwide. My mom was a guest host monthly for the second year and has since moved on to other things; bingo at the nursing home which brings her much joy. We talk daily and it’s because of God’s grace and love that we are where we are and helping others be restored and hope-filled in Christ.

In September 2016 God reunited me with my biological father’s family. I learned that he was Navy Veteran of the Korean War and worked for the Secret Service, that my grandfather was a Navy Veteran of WWII and that my aunt prayed daily for the protection of the family. That included me! My answer of how I knew to pray at age 5 that Jesus would be my escape was finally answered.

The Lord has been and continues to be with me as He is with you. It is written in Deuteronomy 31:6 Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.”

I pray that my testimony gives you hope that regardless of what you have done or what has happened to you that know, believe and receive that there is a plan for your life. His Word never returns void and it hasn’t for me and it won’t for you either.


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