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Your True Identity

Your true identity exists. It is there; most likely hidden. It is where the real hidden gem of you resides. It’s an area that is glorious and yet most often in the lives of many; it is never seen. It is kept hidden from the world; and from those who love you the most.  The best news is that in your creation there is One that knows; that is desiring of your true identity to be revealed. Will you be so bold to allow it to beheld among the masses?

I am reminded of two people I know and their experience of exploring their true identity. Both were more similar in where they were; their identities and what they truly wanted to become in this short life.

One was a client who’s dream was to become a gym teacher. He was trapped in an executive corporate job wanting the escape to become something where he would be free and alive. He lived right one of the most magnificent beaches in Brisbane, Australia with views of God’s creation that would put anyone in awe of His glory. He has three months paid vacation and a life filled with glamour of titles, travel and fine wine.

The other; a stockbroker on Wall Street. He was everything one would expect in appearance, the bespoke suits, the driver; and lived all that the exiting life of Wall Street could ever offer.  The finest of delicacies of one of the greatest cities on earth and all that can pay for it. Yet in all this that he achieved he reminded me of King Solomon who had everything he ever wanted; he just wanted all the wrong things. This man secretly desired to become a catfish farmer in Nova Scotia. Ironic to me that particular choice as it was a land I once resided in.

These two men literally on opposite ends of the earth had the power to act; to truly take their identity, their true into their own hands and make a choice once and for all. The choice to let go of a created reality; a falsehood on the outside that appears to be life yet is death in disguise.  It is where many live; the facade without their Creator.

These two are not unlike the rest of us; living something that is of expectation of others and their ideas and projections. Society tends to deem what is successful; and for these two men they believed it too. One; however, took the step to redefine what once was to become what will be. Which do you think it was?

In your own life are you trapped in a job that keeps you on the beach yet seeing it not? Are you eating the finest of foods yet wishing for a Daniel fast from all of it? It’s time for you to act because everyone in your life is waiting and desiring you; the real you. The one you that was created before the foundation of the earth.

It may not be easy; yet worth it. When I left my entire created life no one knew. I moved to a new place in surrender to what and who I truly was that I did not yet know. It was the best decision I’ve ever made; to walk away. No extra baggage, no continue of overpriced upkeep; no more mental distress of appearances. No. New times came calling.

For the man on Wall Street; when it called he answered. He sold it all and started his catfish farm. He breathed. He saw the light of day and the refreshing of the evening. For the executive; he never lived. How could he? He couldn’t make the choice to be who he needed to be to do so.

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