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Making Good Relationships Great

If you ask someone who’s been married for 50 years or more how they stay that way often the reply is ‘You don’t throw away what can be fixed.’ There is wisdom in recognizing a good thing and keeping it. In today’s disposable society it’s a lesson for us all to learn; how to keep a good thing and and making it great.

To begin with going from good to great we must start at the beginning:

1- Write down the vision.  By writing it down you will be able to see what it truly is that you are seeking. People perish for lack of vision and most do not recognize a vision for relationships; especially marriage.  A vision will help you not only see the direction but include the steps to getting there. You may have a different vision for a friend that a spouse; although the vision will help you see the blossoms of life through the vision of the relationships.

2- Look in the mirror. What enhancements can you personally make.  It’s easy to get sidetracked with what others are or are not doing; although what you are doing or not doing that can be changed. One step of self-examination can make all the difference to enhance your relationship and the direction of it.

3- Forgive. There is no better face lift than forgiveness. It brings forth physical healing, emotional healing, spiritual healing and relationship healing. Forgiveness is an act of love.  The ability to forgive tells the other person that you love them more than you hate what they have done.

4. Communicate. Relationships require communication. Keep the door open; not cracked. What you share openly will continue to open to door for enhanced relationship. Don’t risk losing a relationship by not communicating what you really need, want or feel. You and your relationship are worthy of sharing.

Your relationships are treasures not to be forsaken. They are precious and life-breathing and as you step toward enhancing them; what is brought to you through that will surely bloom beyond measure. Yes they may appear to be work at various times although what is worth having is worth working for. And your great relationships are worth working for.


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